International Women’s Day 

Today I wear red in solidarity with women around the world  living in a world that undervalues and underestimates us. We are murdered by our male partners, raped and assaulted, harassed and catcalled. We are paid less than our male counterparts for the same work, we are denied education and  denied access to services. We are denied justice in the courts and are revictimized by a system that blames us for being  victims and does not believe us. We live in poverty and fear and despair. Still,  we stand, we fight, we move forward.

Women are the givers of life, the force that that keeps this world moving forward, even if it means our death. Women are the elders, the caregivers, the mothers, daughters, sisters and friends that people turn to for love, compassion and strength. Yet, we are held back, pushed down and murdered because of our gender (identification). Still, we stand, we fight, we move forward.

Women are entrepreneurs, artists, advocates and activists.  We are Survivors. In a world that tells us we are equal, but marginalizes and oppresses us. Still, we stand, we fight, we move forward. 

Every woman is a Survivor of something in a world that does not truly value us. Today, remember that you are a Survivor. Celebrate you and take care of you. Reflect and remind yourself that you are important, you are a gift to this world. 

To all Women and those who identify as such, stand tall today and feel the power within yourself. Keep fighting, in whatever way you do, for equality and justice. The world needs you. Women and girls need you. Today we stand together and make the world take notice and feel our power and see our determination to make this world safe for all of us. Today we stand, we fight, we move forward. 

Happy International Women’s Day!


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